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The Never Ending Campaigning ...


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The Right's new gotcha slogan, He lied when he said if you like your insurance, you can keep it. Enough already!!!

The IRS (non scandal) will take the president down regalia. The Jeremiah Wright viral that was played during the 2008 campaign by the Right. http://www.loe.org/shows/shows.html?programID=13-P13-00049 Here the Reverend Wright was actually stating what needs to be said. I actually applauded his words because they bestowed the truth. The truth is, not every damn thing this country has done has been good, let alone moral. Actually, we've done a lot of immoral things that we must protest. It is the truth that must lead the way for all good people. Class warfare - what utter nonsense, has been used again and again.

Obama's a socialist nonsense, he's gonna take away your guns...


I feel like the progressives have been pigeon holed by criticism that is neither moral nor justified. We've gone along with weird tangents of immoral contempt for the poor like we were bought and sold. Obama is a brilliant man, and he's shown a thick skin in the face of complete and utter nonsense thrown again and again at the wall to see if it sticks.


The Right takes progressive slants or talking points and mirrors them back, as if they have been mistreated. Even Bob Woodward says nutty stuff, comparing what happened at Benghazi with Watergate... Really Bob........... WTF???


Burn down the ACA, destroy the Affordable Health Car Act, before it even happens. Obviously that was the message even before it was voted into law. A deliberate disinformation act that completely wiped out a public option. It's not rocket science either. We in the US spend too much for health care, and 40 million plus don't even have any, yet there are scores of illustrated reasons why. Somebodies getting rich on the face of it. Insurance companies who only insure healthy people, big pharmaceutical cartels who control price, with the help of policy makers, lack of medical schools, lack of nurses, the smoking of cigarettes, and yes, the freaking horrible American diet force fed most especially to the poorest of the poor. They sell junk food in poor towns where good produce isn't to be had. Then they say, hey, those poor people are all fat. Now you want to give them food stamps and subsidies their health care? WTF man!!!


Then, in the background there's all this, Iran's gonna go nuclear. Meanwhile, guess what,, nobody gives a damn about what's going down in Syria or Egypt or Pakistan, or India or China or Mexico or Timbuktu.

Just keep on drilling for gas and oil people. And oh yeah, cut taxes for the job creators.


Thanks Bob Woodward, for all your salient reporting of late. You must be profoundly proud, you Pulitzer a##hole you.



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