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How Crazy Can You Get

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Offensive yes.. but that's free speech for you.

Though while I do very much dislike them, they do have the rights to say that under the Bill of Rights, and who am I to deny them their right of free speech.

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Radical movements like these have to stop. Just posting this here to see what y'all think.



When civilization started radical ideas were the thinking of character matters and ancestry doesn't add into much symbolically. Now that civilization rules the flow of misinformation what has societal evolution become in every stage of humanity matters most?


The tyranny nobody of social justification wants to end and liberty to understand self contained in one's own skin or this planet's one atmosphere doesn't matter.


That is beyond crazy, it is justified insanity ruling ancestry specifically conceived within this eternal moment that is defined as nature's secret while self evident.


Please Lucifer's hammer, get real once in your own lifetime, it just might save homo sapiens from self extinction.


I won't hold my breath either.

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