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PM for Commander Chuck !

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I am having a problem with the new improved site:


After making a post...I have to refresh the main page to see it. (sometimes this includes other people post to)


Also...I have to hit the view all post thing when I look at a thread or post are hidden.


Is it the site or did some ultraliberal send me a virus like a ultraliberal tried * to at another message board...because he / she didn't like my opinions.


* my email addy was unique to the site, that how I knew where it came from.


Thank you and God bless.

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I think it has a lot to do with the video your posting and how it was uploaded.


For this one, I just copied the address at the top.


At the old place sometimes (at least with youtube) you had to give it a couple of tries before it would upload.


PS: Commander Chuck...sometimes when I try and post pictures[/imgs] the page freezes up and I have to refresh and start all over.


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