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Buying a laptop any advice?

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I'm getting a laptop mainly to go into great detail on what I do at work all day. My boss in the office is totally clueless on what we (maintenance mechanics) do all day. I figure I can get other uses from it like posting here or just reading the news.


I do not need a laptop for gaming, hacking.or w/e you may float a techno geeks feather.

From what I see online and in the stores I am lost.


I don't need tons of memory but I don't wanna wait around for the web browser to load as well.....

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At this point, laptops are pretty much a commodity. Go to Best Buy and test drive a few and get whatever you like the best.


Personally, I like the 4:3 screens rather than the longer 16:9 aspect ratio, but you can't find them anymore. :angry:


I would stay away from Lenovo, regardless of what was swept under the rug over the years. I don't forget as easily as some.





BTW, I run Ubuntu and am very happy with it. It's solid and has all the features of windows.

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