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Summation of Osama's Iran-Nuclear Deal...


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Six months to see if Iran is serious ... it's been how many years so far? Best solution: Middle East without any nuclear arms leaving Israel with the strongest army but no nukes. Am sure U.S. would provide a nuclear umbrella for Israel if it came to that. As for Iran, how many nations have they invaded? Try zero and they don't like select type of extremist Islam. Also, they have a flourishing Jewish community. Look for the N.Y. Times op[ed piece some time back by an Iranian Jew for one opinion. Finally, if Israel nukes Iran, what's to keep Pakistan from sending a few nukes Israel's way wiping out the only Jewish nation but leaving (assuming Israel wipes out Pakistan) a lot of Muslim nations still standing? Not that Iran is my paradise, particularly regarding its attitude towards women. But six months to learn who's serious sounds reasonable.

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