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Can't Plan Thirty Years Out For a Reason


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Look around, nobody really can be certain, the futures unwritten is about the only thing we know.

We can make small progressive steps however but that's not always easy.

First, we have to give a damn. Then, slowly do what's best. One issue at a time.

If it was just a small city, then you could plan, knowing the people more intimately and of course the most obvious constraints.

Intellectuals get a bad name. Because, the truth is, you can go way back in time and learn from intellectuals of almost anytime.

Actually, most times it's easier to do that.....

Books are easy. Even mathematics and organic chemistry, or most certainly finance or statistics can be made easy to understand if

it's described intelligently in a truthful way.

A great percentage of people who live today know very little about carpentry, or plumbing, or machining.

Few humans relatively speaking understand human anatomy enough to teach it let alone deliver what we think of as qualified health care.

There's currency, there's the bit coin, there's the iphone, intuitive, perfectly engineered to be user friendly.

The history of the world depends on historians who are structured in finding facts that have been written and preserved.


But that can't be true. Even the past is hollow in books. Yet history is passed down from one person to another vocally.

You can't escape family stores.

Everybody has this family story where their fore fathers rose up from poverty to one day become proud and free only to be acquainted with tragedy once again in a tree like fashion... no mention of the bunches of leaves that fell gallantly or foolishly to the ground.

Mulch we call it.

There simply is no open window that sees all time.

None of this I dumb wittedly state, is even close to a reason to not try.

Dream, try to dream that is.

Make it your vocation.

And do try to do and not so much dictate malarkey

I mean, work and don't tell others so much to do what you don't do yourself.

You know, the golden rule ---

yes, too many brews...












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