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CONs offer bills to keep parts of Gov open during shutdowns

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Great idea!

Why not offer a bill to keep all of govt open during your tantrum shutdowns?

Wouldn't that be better?

Stupid fuhks.

This coming from a guy who supported Democrats not passing a budget for 5 years.



The reason we keep having these government shutdown threats is because YOUR party refused to pass budgets.


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Too many people are going to cry if the Church of Liberalism partially shuts down again. I know you know who I'm talking about. Those goose stepping Progressives who follow their leaders without question, like a bunch of robots. From within this cult of personality there is often a code, or creed by which its followers live by. I believe I have cracked that code, and it looks a bit something like a merge of church and state:


Obama is their god

The new deal and Liberalism is their bible

Tax hikes are their tithing

Abortion is their sacrament

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