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Working is Stupid


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It's no secret progressives would rather sit around being non productive losers all day rather than be productive.


Every time I wonder if you can post something even more ridiculous than last time, you never let me down.

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I agree. By now, if i had been a drug dealer in so. fla, I would be a

rich republcan.

Because you only recite what others believe, you do not have the insight to see outside your character role.


Ever watch the series "Breaking Bad"? You could not even be equal to Jessie Pinkman's girlfriends in the drug world.


This is because you are only intellectual enough to act as society's child saving humanity's educated mental theater to mind the vocabulary arts of self deception.


Now the humor I find to that series and the series "Fringe" is both lead character's had the first name Walter? One was a drugged up scientist and the other was a chemistry teacher making drugs to escape reality and destroyed every relationship he was intenting to provide for.


Denial never leads to discovering what every body of thought tends to ignore in plain sight..

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Let's clear up what party is associated with drug dealing. Let's ask Born Again Major Oliver North about his Iran-Contra activities in selling drugs to buy arms. He'd gone down well with the Tea Party.



No, let's ask Marion Barry or Jesse Jackson Junior.

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