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Happy Thanksgiving And Please Remember Those Less Fortunate


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Kitchens across America are bustling with Thanksgiving dinner prep, turkeys brining, rolls and pies baking. But in millions of households families are at the end of a month in which food stamps were slashed, and are trying to figure out how to scrape together enough to eat for the rest of the month.


This isn't intended to guilt you out as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, but here's a pretty astounding statistic:

attribution: NoKidHungry


Yep, this one dinner could provide 35 meals in food stamps. It's astounding in a couple of ways, mostly by pointing out just how cheap it really could be for this country to feed all of its hungry, particularly the 20 percent of our children who don't have enough to eat.


So this post isn't intended to make you feel guilty, but to prod you to act. Tell the House and Senate conferees on the Farm Bill to stop cutting food stamps.

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If I were to become such an activist as to write to my representatives, it would be to repeal ACA completely. Bills sent through congress should not get riders that pass other legislation in silence and behind the scenes directing policies of social staging chaos.


Those less fortunate than myself got there by choice to remain educationally ignorant of real for reality's sake. The answers to humanity's problems are not addressed within the issues of distorting what real remains in plain sight.

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I remember them in my taxes. After I stuff myself to bursting I will feed my pets with the leftovers. Then Turkey sandwiches for the next week. Fraudsters on food stamps will just have less booze and cigarettes that they can purchase with food stamps. Cut more.

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