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florida republican rep ,Trey Radel charged with cocaine possesion


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Old news. Like Marion Berry. Both sides. Surprised not linked to Bush's drinking and coke use. On and on.

The board was down I couldn't get on to post it .


But it makes conbaggers look stupid and that's all I want

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lefty...thanks for sharing that !


...in the mean time...on a TV she bought at Walmart, (where Glen Beck once worked when he was in College, the same College Tim Tebow thought about going to) Sarah Palin simultaneously watched MSNBC on how the REPUBS were completely to blame for the Government shut down, CNN about Trayvon Martin and Fox News about East Jerusalem but there was no mention of global warming disproportionally caused by Israel and the effect it has on the peace loving Palestinian people, while she read a article on gun control (and day dreamed about what has a greater impact...same sex marriage or the Republican war on women) as she ate a Chick-Fil-A sandwich... washing it down with a 64 oz Coke, that she bought at a Koch Brothers franchise, right next to the Catholic Church (where the local Tea Party meets to discuss keeping minorities down, the illegal immigrant problem and the war in Iraq that Haliburton really started) which was built where a old growth forest use to be, that the Red Skins used for burying their dead and as a center for redistributing their wealth until White Christian European males (who Mitt Romney is a direct descendant of) came and stole their land and planted it with genetically altered crops and polluted it and never paid enough taxes on it because they were greedy rich and took advantage of the Bush tax cuts, hoping they could some day build a prison there to warehouse inmates that racist cops rail roaded, and Miley Cyrus in a outrageously sheer pair of pants...without underwear on, danced on Jerry Falwells grave.

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