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Obama/Ocare: best thing that ever happened for conservative movement?

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I've been posting and saying for 3 years now. progressives have been working for 100 years to get Obamacare. Now they have it. This is the only piece of major legislation, in the history of our country, passed totally by ONE party…….the Democrats. and it's a total fking nightmare with 5.8 million people already losing their insurance AND THE MANDATES HAVEN'T EVEN KICKED IN YET! another 80 million plus http://video.foxnews.com/v/2868215221001/nearly-80-million-more-could-lose-coverage-under-obamacare/?playlist_id=921261890001 are expected to lose their insurance and be forced to pay more for second rate care not accepted by the best doctors and hospitals. Progressives agenda has one goal…….to control Americans and turn our country into a Communist state. Obamacare and Dodd/Frank are the two most current laws attempting to obtain their utopia agenda.

Obama spoke today of how to fix the current problem of millions of Americans losing their insurance. He choose to first take an illegal route by unilaterally telling Insurance companies to reverse what they have been preparing for the past four years! Only congress can change this law and at this late date insurance companies couldn’t give back policies to those that have lost them. Once again Obama is giving Americans false hope…………another lie! Obama basically said today that he is doubling down on ObamaCare and good luck to those Americans that have and will lose their insurance.
I firmly believe today Obama is going down, ObamaCare is going down, the Democratic Party is going down and the entire Progressive “BIG GOVERNMENT” “NANNY STATE” “COMMUNIST STATE” agenda is going down. We must continue to pressure the Government to pull ObamaCare out by its roots. IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE ON IN FOR OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR RACIST DRIVEN BIG GOVERNMENT IDEOLOGY. AND IN THE END YES! OBAMA WILL TURN OUT TO BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED FOR THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS OR MORE.


Choke on it progressives :D




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Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Carter make Ronaldus Magnus possible.

Who will be the next Reagan? Walker? Lee? Someone else?

Someone else? next Reagan? He’s more charismatic than Scott Walker, more conservative than Chris Christie and, unlike so many of the top-tier 2016 Republicans, he has actually run a state. So why isn’t Indiana Gov. Mike Pence generating the kind of buzz worthy of a top-tier candidate?

Probably because while his opponents have been show horses, he’s been a work horse. And that makes him a dark horse.


5 Reasons pence is the best chance in 2016



Mike Pence Governor of Indiana



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