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Va. Senator Wounded - Son Dead

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Va. senator stabbed in home; son found dead: Report
_h473_w840_m6_otrue_lfalse.jpg AP Photo: Steve Helber
State Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, gestures during debate on the Senate rules at the start of the 2012 session of the Virginia Senate at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012.

By Karen Brooks of Reuters


Police said in a news release Tuesday that Democratic Sen. Creigh Deeds, who unsuccessfully ran for governor four years ago, had suffered serious injuries.

A Virginia state senator and former gubernatorial candidate was stabbed and critically wounded at his home early on Tuesday, and his son was found dead of a gunshot wound, local media reported.

Creigh Deeds, a Democrat, was being treated at the University of Virginia Medical Center where he was in critical condition, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper.

The paper quoted a Virginia State Police statement as saying authorities responded to Deeds' home in Millboro, Virginia, at 7:25 a.m. local time and found the senator wounded.

The statement said another person was dead in the home, and the newspaper cited law enforcement officials as identifying that person as Deeds' son.

Police did not immediately return calls from Reuters seeking comment.

Deeds, 55, was the Democratic nominee for state attorney general in 2005 and governor in 2009, but lost both races. He has been a state senator since 2001.


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Just read on another site that the story seems to be the son attacked Creigh Deeds and then committed suicide. Sad story if true. Actually, sad no matter what the reason.

If the son shot himself - why was the father stabbed? Just sayin. Questions to be answered.

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Stabbing someone signifies rage and intimacy. I am thinking to son probably had emotional issues for whatever reason. He wanted his father to suffer at his hands.


Very sad.


if the father is in critical condition, the son probably thought he had succeeded in killing him.


That's heartbreaking.

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Will the liberals now call for banning all knives?? Maybe the son shot himself and not both he and his dad because he only had one bullet? Will the liberals now blame barry hussein sotero for creating the ammunition shortage???


Wow, you must be the most miserable person on NHB. It must be hell to live with yourself.

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