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zimmerman to get reamed by blacks in the seminloe....county jail

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But Zimmerman is black and jewish and Hispanic, I'm confused on why you think and others think he's just white, do you think that way because the MSM told you so and like a sheep you follow? Explain...



Who pissed in your Cherios?


Black, Jewish, and Hispanic. That's 3 strikes against him!


Con holers should hate his guts! ^_^

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Karma may not be instant but it's inevitable. Georgie... thought he was getting lucky...but...while he MIGHT not go to jail right away...he's a jerk who is so habitually a gun slinger/bully...he is a LOCK to end up dead or in prison. Either way...he won't LIKE it.

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or is it semen hole

I don't think any self respecting convict would want anything to do with that greasy whop, but I'm sure he will get the living crap knocked out of him on a daily basis if he's sent to jail for any length of time, which I doubt will happen in Florida.

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