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"Communist" China understands Capitalism better than Obama

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It's really sad when a "Communist" country understands Free Market Capitalism better than an American president. :glare:


They're moving in the opposite direction of Obama's leftist policies.



China’s Economic Reforms Are More Sweeping Than Anybody Realized

.....there is finally talk about reforming China’s dominant state-owned enterprises, or SOEs. These behemoths suck up the nation’s resources and crowd out the private sector, though they are bloated, inefficient and hamper the development of the economy. Now Xi is planning to do something about that. Beijing pledged to end some monopolies, improve SOE management and allow the private sector to invest in projects with SOEs. Such steps could make SOEs more competitive and allow greater scope for more productive private enterprise. Xi also plans to liberalize prices on commodities like water and natural gas, as well as in transport and telecom; speed deregulation of interest rates and capital flows; reduce curbs on foreign investment; and allow private investors to set up small banks. All of this will expand the role of the private sector in the economy and permit resources to be allocated more intelligently.


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That will be very "unfair" "Greedy' natural gas and water co's will "gouge" the unfortunate poor. Transport and telecom Co's will set prices that will exhibit their longing "Greedy" natures. Letting the "evil bankers" set interest rates will starve the "working poor" of capital. Private investors setting up small banks will only feed into the avarice of the "grubbing bankers" The yuan will rush into the hands of the "insatiable capitalists" "Materialism" will become the way. The "poor" will have to live with 45 inch HDTV. The impoverished will only be able to afford two pairs of $100 Nike knockoffs. Destitute workers will now have to put up with apartments having natural gas. Materialism will force the destitute into buying iPads. Instead of a chicken in every pot the "greedy bankers' will force a computer in every apartment and a cell phone in every pocket. Woe is the worker in China. How "Unfair" Why does the Chinese gov. want to force this onto the poor citizen. Thank god we have Obama spreading the wealth and doing everything he possibly can to take these needless, materialistic items away from us. When we switch places with the peasant in china we will be far better off.

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