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Obama bungles EVERYTHING

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Has The Chosen One succeeded at anything?

Seriously, liberals.


Other than throwing taxpayer trillions of dollars at the Democrat Base. :glare:


The Government's Bailout Of General Motors Is Strangling GM
By Peter Flaherty

News that the federal government is nearly $10 billion in the hole on its $49.5 billion bailout of General Motors Co. is a painful reminder of the U.S government’s takeover of the automaker several years later. Unfortunately, the outlook is not good for GM as a new consumer survey shows that lingering resentment of the bailout may be hurting sales....

If the bailout was such a big success that President Obama could use it as a major issue in his reelection campaign last year, why isn’t GM’s stock isn’t worth more? Why is it increasingly unlikely that Obama’s prediction that taxpayers will make money on the bailout will come true?

....Obama himself bragged about it at a town hall meeting in Minnesota in 2011: “What we said was, if we’re going to help you, then you’ve also got to change your ways. You can’t just make money on SUV’s and trucks….And so what we’ve now seen is an investment in electric vehicles.”

That “investment” gave us the money-losing Chevy Volt, and political control of the company led to a series of other policy decisions that sapped the energy out of GM’s rebirth. These decisions including everything from union pension policies to advertising campaigns that did more for Obama’s reelection than GM’s market share.


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