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Why Doesn't Union Want Secret Ballot Election at VW?


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Because they know they'll lose. Surprisingly, the actually admitted it.






It is a long-standing precedent that unions are legally allowed to lie to workers in order to get their support–and lie they do.


Take, for example, Carol Wilson, a Volkswagen employee in Chattanooga who was misled into signing a UAW authorization card.

“When I was approached to sign a card a year and a half ago, it was,
‘Oh, the card just means you want more information.

Lying to workers in order to get them to sign union authorization cards is, unfortunately, a common tactic.

It is also one of the reasons unions like the idea of card-check–the process of unionization based on signatures, as opposed to secret-ballot elections.

In Chattanooga, where the UAW has claimed that it has gotten a majority of VW’s employees to support the union’s efforts, the does not want employees to vote by secret-ballot on unionization.

Why? Because, according to the UAW, it will lose.

“We’ve determined we definitely have a majority of employees who favor this representation,” Casteel told the Tennessean last month. “But we are not seeking a vote necessarily.”

Why not, if that is what the workers want?

We know if we go for a traditional election where the outside organizations could campaign against us, we’d probably lose
,” Casteel said. [Emphasis added.]

Who is Gary Casteel? He is the United Auto Workers’ organizer assigned to unionize VW workers in Chattanooga.


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