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Methinks Turkish Mass-Media had been created by CHP (Turkish People and Republic Party) in a way to be able in deceiving especially The USA and its allies. At the time I should send you the last Anti-NATO campaign of that huge and weird power you wouldn’t help but treat my warnings with much more respect than ever.

Wait then please: Very interesting findings to illuminate the basics of last Anti-NATO Campaign in Turkey!


Yes they-the would be different, actually one type similar to that in Soviet Empire, Turkish Media Organs in the largest fake scale, from mild Islam to Al Qaeda sympathy presenting from romantic communists to Maoists as if it’s varying while looking for the truth, claim that

The NATO/L’OTAN murdered deceased M.YAZICIOGLU!

Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu neden öldürüldü? - wowTURKEY

wowturkey.com › Ana SayfaHABERLER ve SOHBET

6 gönderi - ‎5 yazar

2000 yılında akp iktidara gelmesin diye,nato gladyosunun tsk içindeki ekibin ... Eğer bu iddialar doğru ise ve Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu göz göre göre öldürüldü ise ...

wowturkey.com alanından daha fazla sonuç

Yazıcıoğlu'nu öldürürken kaydetmişler - Orhangazi Haber


gün önce - İddialara göre Yazıcıoğlu kaza da değil suikastle öldürüldü. ...Kaynaklarının kendisine görüntüdeki ekibin özel kuvvetler ve NATO kaynaklı bir ...

Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu son kez dua ediyormuş gibiydi! Haberi


gün önce - BBP kurucularından Emrullah Önalan, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu'nun ölmeden ...Bunun üzerine 'seni öldürürler, yaşatmazlar' gerekçesiyle vermediler. ... Kaynaklarının kendisine görüntüdeki ekibin özel kuvvetler ve NATO kaynaklı ...


Why especially at that time? We all remember the Turkish pseudo Mass Media that had been created by the founding father of Turkish Republic CHP tell the same tale of which version we see above as well remarked is as false today as it was then. Never the tolerance showmen of mild Islam hasn't or anti American red and green fascists has deceived you up till now, O.K ? Yesterday their casting aspersion was available in those days of coalitions in Turkey. Today the worn out Prime Minister T. ERDOGAN-seemingly-couldn’t be able to cope with the liars who invent the most ignoble lies against the USA and its allies.


Sat in – not my drawing room-my clinic with my all day holding the bundle of informative documents from PRO-NATO TURKISH AND KURDISH MUSLIUMS (my trustworthy information source besides the friends living in The East and West Europe only) in my hand and didn't stop my enlightening ardor to warn dear my Semitic viz. Arab and Jewish relatives and Indo-European amicable souls. I’ve learned nothing new except the information above before. And yet wasn’t the light on during your reading some excerpts from my side again? After I have got interesting news, sure, I will carry on with new warnings, admonishes and even good tidings for especially our beloved NATO/L’OTAN!


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