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What Is Islam.... Not What You Think! Part 3


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Weird isn't that a practice that is apparently fundamentally Islamic has throughout history been practised by some Jews and Christians, and is banned in Mecca and Medina. Now there is no defending such a practice it is incredibly vile and it is much more common in Islamic areas than outside them. Islamic scholars need to do more to condemn, ban and police a ban. Egypt for example has both a ban and the highest rate of FGM in the world at 92%.


Beyond that she wanders into some very weird territory. It is Islamic countries (mostly) that execute homosexuals, and they execute both partners. So while I am sure there are some people that have tried to dispute it at various times, as she said there really isn't a central authority, in general Islam is more hostile to homosexuality than pretty much any other culture.


Then we get on to crazy territory, The American Psychiatric Association is not out to destroy America, nor is Hillary Clinton nor is she a Marxist.


As for movements in Europe to legalise bestiality, well there is bound to be someone somewhere asking for it, Europe is after all not a tiny cohesive thing. But a mainstream movement in any country? No.


Saying that all Imams rape boys, is no different to arguing that all Catholic priests rape. Some have done, and in both cases the organisations haven't done enough to put a stop to it.


The Bacha Bazi is undeniably barbaric, but is hardly Islamic (which has even been known to ban any music or dancing), and is practised is some areas of Afghanistan with the local warlords in some places backing it. At that point it being against both Civil and Sharia law hardly matters.


Ultimately she does get at some troubling and outright horrific examples of Islamic, or middle eastern culture although makes no effort to distinguish, but the random rants about other things, including many half truths and as many lies someone damages that message.

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