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IRS payouts to identity thieves

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The IRS admits almost 4 billion dollars In refunds were sent to identity thieves overseas many of them to the same address. Kudos for admitting it I guess? Just when you think thier credibility couldn't erode any further. These are the brain donors in charge of enforcing obamacare. For 4 billion dollars you could build what? Five or six websites? The government just flat out can't do anything right and this is just the latest example. Wait a minute. They do one thing extraordinarily well. Take our money and waste it. This agency has gots to go. Someone in Lithuania got rich this year thanks to all of us and what is the IRS response? The problem has improved from last year! well then, break out the party hats. We gave away slightly less of your money this year.

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I don't understand how websites cost 666 million dollars each. Is there a special significance in the number?


Could be a racist. Or a sexist. Probably both.


I shouldn't have bothered posting - but I couldn't resist the opportunity to shun Old Mack.

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