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Obamacare Numbers For October In! And They Ain't Pretty!


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(Reuters) - Less than 50,000 Americans were able to sign up for new Obamacare health insurance plans through the error-plagued HealthCare.gov website serving 36 states, falling far short of the federal government's target, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/11/obamacare-website-enrollment_n_4256563.html


Obama was expecting 500,000!!!

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Both reports I've heard or read say "less than 50,000"! So, it could be 10,000, could be 30,000...whatever!

Still a kick in Obama's groinal area!


I've heard this on the News as well.... There's a good chance that 50,000 number is very inaccurate.... Myself, I doubt it's that high, especially with some States reporting few to none purchasing an Obamacare Policy.

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And the news this morning says that the Obama Administration has decided to lie about the numbers.

The number they announce Friday, will include people who have chosen a healthcare plan, but have not purchased it.



The more these people exercise these transparently dishonest tactics, the more people are going to look at them, point, and yell "you lie"!

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