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Ah, So Where Did Detroit Go...


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I was thinking of the engineering term, angle of repose, also of the terms usage in a Wallace Stegner novel about a wheelchair bound historian who lost connection with his own son and decides to write about his frontier-era grandparents.

What I mean to say here is that the demise of the once great city of Detroit is really a story of what's gone so wrong in America.

I grew up in Detroit in the sixties, with hints of its zenith already starting to fade away. No direction, only gravity or lack there of, with a decidedly plutocratic distinction, is what this nation has become.

The oil embargo, no that didn't push the auto executives to make a more energy efficient vehicle when they definitely could. A rut, a penchant for propaganda, whether it be to cloud the consumerism that are we, or to cloud any informed electorate which has sadly also been what we ourselves have failed to become.

If you wish to see the richest up next to the poor, you go to Detroit and see the rubble of that once great city and all the finest architecture left in ruins, less than a mile besides the richest one percent.

I know the leadership of that city has indeed left its inhabitants down year after year, forty years plus.

And about all the bad choices that were made, while people left, those that could.

My oldest brother, a teacher there, who worked his ass off to become a teacher after Vietnam,

would describe the truth to me, kids there in his sixth grade class cant read or write at a second grade level and he spends his nights trying to figure out how to give them the one on one attention they do so deserve, while we bail them out, while we bail out, first, Chrysler, then GM.



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