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More proof this president is a LIAR!

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most people that actually follow politics, knew that "H" was a lying sack of shIt as soon as he opened his mouth.

The liberal MSM got "H" elected President, by ignoring anything that was negative about "H", BOTH TIMES!

"H"s policies and attitude towards the government and the American people are reminicent of Adolf Hitler in pre-war Germany. :)

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Can you imagine trying to do any job at all with 1/3 of those supposedly

on your team, or in your business, or country having constantly undermined

and LIED and eaten shit and spewed it against you for 5 fugging years?????


And ole cool Barry just cooly moves down the street, crooning a tune, handling

one international and US problem after the next even with all the azzhole, racist,

moron repukes screaming and yelling and lying about da man.


Obama should get an A+ for just having put up with so much repuke shit for 5 years.


Al qaeda are better friends to america than azzhole republicans. LOLOLOLOL.

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