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Tarrifs High Enough to Undo the Advantage of Cheap Foreign Labor


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A return to high tariffs on foreign made goods would be a great start to reverse the declining standard of living of ordinary people. Putting tariffs on foreign goods would also bring in significant revenue to the federal government, helping to pay off the national debt and lower taxes. But the oligarchs have successfully lobbied for free trade. It allows them to force Americans to compete with cheap foreign labor making Americans at once poorer and more desperate for jobs.


As of now the politics of Plutocracy, Free Trade and profits at any social cost dominate in the US. It would take a paradigm political shift to bring back industry by levying tarifs on foreign made imports. But it could happen sooner or later.

If the US were to experience a return of its former industrial might by means of tariffs there would be changes in society, the economy and foreign relations:

~ In the best outcome, wages would skyrocket because of labor shortages due to the return of industry. Consequently, goods would become more expensive. But Federal revenue would be greatly increased leading to lower taxes. The net result would be prosperity.

~ Other countries might retaliate by putting high tarrifs on US made goods. There could be trade wars.
~ If American exports to other countries become rare because of foreign tariffs on US goods, we will be manufacturing mostly for domestic consumption. Supply could outstrip demand leading to layoffs and idling of facilities.

Obviously, tariffs need to be levied with care and finesse in order to be beneficial. Tariffs which are too numerous or financially punishing are just as bad as the comparative under-use of tariffs which we have now. We need to bring industry back to the US and tariffs are a good tool to accomplish that if used correctly.


But there is no chance while the free trade/laissez faire cons hold the reigns of power.

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This is the BIG issue that nobody is dealing with. 'Free Trade" sounds good but it's a happy label on something that ...quite simply...screws the average American. Yes...we like saving $20-30 on an i-Phone or whatever gadget but if you are working part time at low pay...or not working...so what. We have trade deals that range from poor to totally unjustifiable.


Whoever conned America into EXPORTING not just millions of jobs...but entire INDUSTRIES....really shafted America and at this point...we can't fully undo that damage. We CAN ...improve things. The USA remains a MAJOR market as well as major capital and major technology.


We HAVE leverage...though we GAVE AWAY a lot of leverage. As the clock ticks...that leverage shrinks.


I REMEMBER the bullcrap notion hat our bluecollar workers would transform into high $ white collar works or retrain to be High Skill techs. Well...the guy who just got through high school...is below par in IQ or has various "issues" that limit him as an "ideal" hire....is still HERE. You can't say...well...the top 50% of the stack of resumes will be fine and the other 50%...don't matter. That's a Third World country plan.

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