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The TEAPublican Principles...

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Tea party = bunch of redneck idiots nostalgic for a piece of American history that has never actually existed in reality. Middleaged good ol' boys who mourned the loss of a presumed all white leadership in the U.S. Fat, ugly, and vacant. Bikers, yokels, and hillbilly conspiracy theorists. Remember the bitch breaking down in tears because her "instincts" instructed her that something terribly wrong is happening to America? Yeah, you could tell she was just brimming with knowledge and wisdom. The inebriated, unchecked, two-dimesnional politics of simple-minded, armchair barfly degenerates. Flux of painfully boring, trite, and completely uncultured nobodies herded around by flock mentality, shitty news talking points, and delusions of eloquence. Take all this and mix an extremely scant amount of academics who know what they're talking about with some politicians who know how to exploit a "revolutionary upheaval".. . There ya go!!! the emergence of an embarrassingly short-lived gaggle of good old regular folks in 'merika making total asses out of themselves.

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Your brown klown has blown his cover...today barak obogus signed an executive order to prepare and boost efforts for a great national initiative to battle global warming...looks like he's going to war against air now


It was an effort to manipulate the news cycle, change the narrative. Bet he's pissed he wasted it on the day of the LAX shooting.

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