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Why "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan" Is a LIE

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You’re vegetarian. The manager of your favorite vegetarian restaurant assures you that if you like your menu, you can keep your menu. But then he informs you that unfortunately "your" menu no longer meets the minimum requirements of the Federal Restaurant Association, but never fear, you are going to be "transitioned" to the new improved (and approved) menu! Now - um - of course all of the menu prices are a little higher. But don't worry. If you have iced tea instead of wine with your dinner, and skip dessert, you can still afford your meal! (Of course if you're friends of the manager, you can still order from the old menu at the old prices.) You will be pleased to know, when you pay the new the higher prices, all those people who can't afford to eat, even if they change their personal dining preferences, will get a discount making their meals less expensive than yours. Oh - and finally, eggplant Parmesan is no longer on the menu, but chicken Parmesan is! Picture+1.jpg

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