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Questions for sebelius of HHS and obamacare rollout

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Questions for sebelius of HHS and obamacare rollout that should be asked by

representatives of both parties:


Why did you fail to put more importance to this tremendously important health

care plan?


Why didn't you put someone in charge who had the experience of administering

such a plan like one of the state govt administrators instead of tannnerinae or

whatever her name is?


Why didn't you go to the states and ask them for their software or software company

that built their successful websites?


Why did you go to a Canadian company instead of to an American company?

We have loads of proof of chinese screwing up products sold in wal mart and

proof of Canadian ted cruz as incompetent.


Are women like yourself, your administrator, and the woman canadian living

proof that all women can do is attend meetings but not get anything done

such as women administrators in schools, diaper woman astronauts, mothers

who can not discipline their own children, make them study and be respectful

of others?


Should all payments to the Canadian company be stopped and their company

be sued for breach of contract?


Shouldn't you fire everyone in the line of responsibility to get ACA

up and working and then, immediately resign yourself and find some easier job?


How could you embarrass the president and Americans seeking health insurance

and yet have no anger and determination to fire people and get real computer

experts on the job instead of a bunch of half witted bureaucrats like you, your

administrator and the Canadian woman running the crap website?


How long really will this thing take to get it up and running with no problems?


Are you as screwed up as liberal forum's techies?

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Follow the money

Must be one hell of a kickback like republicans representing wall street,

bankers, insurance companies, the rich, oil billionaires, and the usaf/cia/

MI complex get kickbacks of campaign contributions and campaign advertising

from the rich.

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