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Huge Victory for GOP WHITES ONLY Coalition!!

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I'm shamelessly bumping my own thread, wondering how you miserable fuhkwitted Republicans are going to worm your way out of this development.


Poor poor Rubio, shall we chalk this up to that evil liberal media again, CONfuhks?



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Typical liberal perspective


Democrats are so racecentric


The GOP does and should not base policy on attracting foreigners and minorities to it's ranks that's what democrats do.


The GOP should focus on improving the economy and ensuring the government power is kept in check.


If "legal" immigrants only care about immigrant issues then they should vote democrat and wait for the consequences to manifest itself.


If "legal" immigrants care about the future for their children and personal liberty they should vote Republican.


"Illegal" immigrants have no right to demand changes to US policies and laws and should be deported as soon as they are identified to discourage others from following their footsteps. Something the democrats have been encouraging for the last 30 years to swell the racks of liberal voters the country be damned!

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Immigration reform's failure didn't just sink Rubio's political ambitions, it sank the idea of a multicultural GOP


Slackjaw Amerika lives on!!

It's hanging around their necks like a dead albatross. After the epic ass kicking they just took with the government shut down, one would think they would have dispatched this issue immediately, leaving themselves room to take on other issues next year. The fact that they aren't draws just one conclusion. They actually believe they still have the political capital on these issues, and that they have nothing to worry about with white America because there is still enough of them to win them elections. Did you ever see the movie the Battle of the Bulge? Remember that German general at the end still trying to move the tank forward after the fuel dump was already on fire? That's today's white GOP caucus in action.

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