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'Conspiracy Theorists' again correct on Govt . Congratulation

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Chalk another one up for those so called "Conspiracy Theorists" of course those declaring that label on them are either usually ignorant or moles and are the true Conspiracy Theorists/Revisionists. Funny on those who yell and shout 'Conspiracy Theorist" the loudest and most are usually the biggest Conspiracy Theorist around, kinda like a guy whose allegedly anti-gay, and he eventually gets caught being gay.


Those who said the Govt/NSA was/is spying and recording without warrant and on a very massive scale were all correct. After all, since 1973 the govt on paper has declared each and every one of us 'enemies of the state.' Don't believe it? Google it yourself lazy ones.


Makes you wonder on how many 'Conspiracy Theorists' are correct on this or that issue, the last few years has not been good for the liars and enablers of liars. Don't worry, GOP SS will be there for you to remind you of the score....






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