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Anyone remember Obama's Cash 4 Clunkers?

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Well, you keep your black tax box, Mr President.


I'll keep my clunker!





Government Looks to Mandate Black Boxes for Vehicles






Federal and state governments are working on a plan that would mandate all vehicles feature a mandatory black box tracking device capable of reporting real-time vehicle location, speed, and mileage directly to federal authorities. It is being promoted as a means to fund road maintenance and maintain highway safety, though the proposal is very clearly a means for various levels of government to extract yet more tax dollars from hard-working Americans, and keep track of citizens.


The Los Angeles Times reports, The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding Americas major roads.





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I have an old F 150 4wd - has the monster in line 300ci 6 cyl - simple drive train - notorious for 400 - 500 thousand mile longevity . Probably the best gasoline powered 1/2 ton truck every manufactured - pull fukin trees down. Why would I ever consider getting rid of an old friend? I don't need a vehicle that thinks for me; I'm quite capable of thinking for myself. EVERY EXTRA COMPONENT is an extra potential failure.

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This thread is complete hogwash, Con paranoia crried to ridiculous extremes.


That's exactly what your like said when the honest exposed the NSA years ago, before your govt. and MSM couldn't deny it anymore....and we were paranoid and hogwash and fear mongering......looks like the liars were exposed and the honest exonerated....you gotta know when to show your cards, to fold them, and hold them.....it's best for you and AL to be quiet on the issue of "fear mongering" until the NSA scandal gets some Orwellian memory hole time.



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