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Republicans Responsible for Breaking Up Marriages!!

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Republicans hate medical care for Americans, a well known fact, and Obama Care is just the tip of the ice berg with these marriage & home destroyers. While they rail illogically against gays destroying the sanctity of marriage, they are the leading cause of divorce and breaking up that sanctity of marriage by denying decent and cheap medical care to all American families. That is what the experts are saying.


Pre-petition the debtors are living on credit cards to eat out, put gas in the tank and to pay utilities. The debtors are paying the credit card debt so they can continue to use the credit cards to live but they are not making the house payment, car payment any other secured debt payments. Bottom line there is no money present. Communication is nonexistent and stress is at an all time high, especially when coupled with medical bills and mortages on the line.

42% of all bankruptcys are the result of medical bills, and bankruptcys accompany divorces and breaking up the families and marriages.


Foley says a high percentage of her clients were coming back after the bankruptcy to file divorce and she wanted to analyze why. “At this point I get two phone calls. The first is that they want to get out of bankruptcy and the second is they want to file for divorce because they blame each other for the current situation” (Foley, 2008).



Remember that once a couple does file for bankruptcy their chances of divorce increase.

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I saw this quite often back in the day when I was doing mortgages.


I would tell the husband get the refi done now, THEN file for BK!


And later, he would say; "I can't get her to sign off on the refi deal! She hates me that much!


And, when I would talk to her, I would say; "doesn't it make sense to you to get a much lower payment with the refi, so he can more easily afford the payments? After, all you will get the house, and he will be stuck with the payments(Cal)?


You just can't reason with some people!



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