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why is cheney in the news so much lately?

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why is cheney in the news so much lately?


dick head, lying azzhole cheney was on moron joe this morning,

other TV talking heads kissing his ass on other channels, gupta

and dick head's health problems, a special on the world according

to azzhole cheney.


How about someone ask him why he cherry picked intel and told the

CIA to come up with some BS so bullcrap bush could war monger

his iraq war, kill our soldiers and steal trillions of tax dollars for

halliburton and MI companies?????


Why did repuke think tanks plan the iraq invasion in 2000?


Why were 'mericans so fugging stupid believing in iraq and wmd or nukes

when they were never used in the first gulf war and there were two no fly

zones over iraq during cheney's LIES and war mongering.


cheney is the biggest POS on the planet since hitler.

If repukicons love him so much, bury his worthless ass under a urinal

in a redneck bar so they can pay homage to him.

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repukes have been worse for this country since 2000

than al qaeda.


repukes gave tax cuts to the rich and tax hikes to the middle class

and took a bill clinton surplus and balanced budget and turned it into

trillions of dollars of national debt.


repukes gave trillions of dollars to wall street, banks, and insurance companies

after their gambling in 2007 caused a stock market crash.


repukes tore up the US Constitution with torture, with undeclared, NO end, wars

just to steal trillions of dollars for oil companies and halliburton and military contractors.


repukes moved 50,000 US factories and 20,000,000 good paying US jobs to asia

just to benefit wal mart and box stores and brought in 20,000,000 illegals to drive

down Americans' wages and made American workers OUT OF WORK, losing their

homes and going on welfare.


And in the middle of all of this republican criminal enterprise was dick head cheney

such as his meeting secretly with oil company executives to price fix gas prices to

gouge Americans.


And when asked by Senator Leahy what went on in those meetings, dick head

cheney told Leahy: "Go F yourself."


And yet, moron republican middle class voters vote against themselves and their own families.


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He's trying to get his ignorant daughter elected so their family can inflict more permenant damage to this country.


Probably. Anything they can do to steal more trillions for repukicons.


Hey, how is the weather up there in the U P of Michigan? Looks cold.

Does Michigan have a chance to beat zero state this year????

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