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Terrible Attempt to Rap About What The ACA Could Be


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Yo You, all you fools, putting peoples without health care down

Posing all your media big time stupidity witches (Ann Coulter - it's halloween time, my peeps, once again, but it's no joke, she scares the hell out of my friend Steve, who emails me every day at work, I delete it, cause it's as we All know, Junk that escaped the companies, Firewall, Firewall, Firewall)...

who the hell is Steve, Yo? - misused parenthesis sure enough did? What? nobody now knows...

Open source, who writes the code, whose in it to work through the night, all night all day long,

all them sloppy Joe's/// what's in a name, what's his name... Blue Cross http all the same\\ at you Good Hands Jokers, even though you and Farmers ain't in the game, you know all the same, just like the Face Book Founder, and all the future Mark Zuck Fx%k's'/l,

why don't they step it up...pdf download, oh no you dont, do what's right http:// word...


We got to get in it, we got to get it in them what I got, change this shtick, we got to,

give, what was once thought to be The Gift Outright transparent once again like a sieve!


We got to get Nano, we got to get small, we got to make it flow

fluidly through an operational bus for all to point at, click and choose, what they like it's what they like ( a very small series of tubes, for those like me, who don't know how the freaking internet works in anyway shape or form).


These guys and girls, all talented come off saying, well, it's just the fascination with doing what we do,

sure, we make billions with an idea, but it's not about the money, Well... we waiting on you now, Cuz!


Make up your minds, it was a Republican plan in the God darn first place, So let's synthesize it ---

moog synthesizer, I've wope a code that fiilters throough, database guru, play your autotune son...


If our health care costs were in line with costs elsewhere in the world we would be looking at huge budget surpluses and would have all sorts of money freed up for improving infrastructure, education, and research. (Of course this is a long-term story assuming we get back to something like full employment. At the moment the only thing keeping us from increasing spending in these areas is people with a bad understanding of economics.)


That's pretty good autotune...

Autotune crooner: Nobody'ss perfect... Neither is the ACA, but it's a start!!!













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Im with you on spending money on infrastructure.That should be a priority anyway IF its really necessary and not just paving over perfectly fine roads for the sake of it. But why throwing more money on education solves anything I dont see.Dont we Americans already spend the most Per Student in the world for mediocre results? Are students really not learning because the school needs more funding? What money does it really cost to sit at a desk and listen to a teacher?I just dont remember school spending so much money on me when i was a student.Students certainly dont care about a teacher pension or benefits so I doubt that's why They arent performing. Its an economic crunch right now. Use last years text books and dodgeballs.And as far as government program bringing a budget surplus?You cant really think thats gonna happen.

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