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I think too many times there's a wall


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I think we all want the best for some other person we ourselves do not know.

We worry about ambition, as though it were the root of all that is evil.

Ambition, we sometimes wonder about, is it greed, is it something good, perhaps

a will to succeed when all the odds are very much against just one, or the few.


Behind every ambition there is an invisible wall. There's this wall, like in a law firm, where the partners

all work on a team, and then, one is more successful, and by hard selfless work, he or she, brings in more revenue, more long-term customers, he or she produces more billable hours year after year.

Then, all of a sudden, there's a competition within the firm, a contract, a special payout, a king/queen is born.


I think there's a road, like a Celtic/Roman path. A wall, an imaginary one, built upon the same road

that's been gone down, again and again.


I think they call it dark ages, the dark ages before rebirth.


It's a marbled stone ageless bronze wonder, first this divide, then the wall, that takes us all

down this path we've all been down so many times before.


Each gathers solitude and sorrow from which there's no return.


We all wish in collective sigh, whomever they are, whatever they do, that

they will find a way past this wall.


Not a trickle downward, instead, the full force of an unleashed Niagara.


Youth, we pray for you, to rise above with transparent ambition,

Tear down this wall just one time, and for all!



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