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Congratulations Liberals: The Retards Lost on the Shutdown!!&#

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Just had to say that, to pick up from where we left off last week!! The Returds didn't gain anything for all their unAmerican efforts, and we should see the Victory in this. The polls showed the Returds lower than worm dung, big business cursed their ass, veterans were appalled, and with any luck this will be straw that finally wakes America up to these subversives.



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I agree...BUT


if history has proven anything is that the American voter has the memory of a goldfish.


there was backlash over countless things that ended up meaning nothing.

all the dems not supporting gumps Iraq resolution in 2002...bush 1 winning election in the midst of the iran contra thing...on and on


Its obvious that the tea-baggers ate their own socks on this particular cock-up, however I am not opening that victory beer yet

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