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Lieb Black People have never made anything better, they're Losers

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Chuck! you're a fag as is CP and ThrashRa what the fuck kind of name is that? I saw where on of chuck's fag mods claimed some other poster was me, threelefts.


Fags i don't need soks, like CumPuffer, Chimp, Thrash, etc.... I have always had the balls to write what ever the fuck I want under my name on the board. I'm not an afraid little pussy like all the posters with soks. I don't give one damn fuck what any of the liebral losers on this board think of me.


Maybe if some of you psychotic faggots would send me some of your own money then I may care.


Also I dearly hope stra8edge gets his lying loser ass reamed. That guy is a effing loser dildo that cannot ever be measured, except CP does beat Str8, and lucifer'sc0cktoy beats Str8.


Still Str8 is one worthless piece of self absorved trash. that loser is so damn insecure it is pathetic.


Glad Str8 got demoted for being an insecure loser.


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