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So…We keep spending. What comes Next? And Next? And...

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If you were to run your own household the way our government is running its financial affairs…


If you had a house hold member with a credit card spending problem, and the Creditor cut them off, threatened fiscal actions, what would you do?


Most responsible households would cut up the credit cards, cancel the accounts, make payment arrangements, cut spending on non-essentials, work some overtime, … and learn a lesson on living outside their means.




What did America just do?


We allowed the overspending member of the household to deliberately exaggerate the “Pain” of not continuing to spend beyond our means, making a disaster out of being responsible, and throw a hissy fit about wanting more.


We chastised the fiscally responsible members of the household for daring to set limits.


We Begged, Whined, and Pleaded with our creditors until they agreed to let U.S. dig ourselves even deeper into debt slavery.


We gloated and bragged when the out-of-control credit spender won the “Debate” and got their credit cards not only turned back on, but was given effectively unlimited credit. ( Even though we all know the creditors, China, can and will revoke the credit when it will cost U.S. the most)




Yes, you can make an argument that a Nation isn’t exactly the same as a household, and sometimes, a Nation has to spend money in times of dire need, when a household cannot. But anyone with a lick of fiscal common sense knows that argument has limits America exceeded decades ago.


Probably the sickest thing about this whole debacle, we seem to conveniently be ignoring what we just did to our unborn great grandchildren. What happens to their generation when their time of trial comes, and the money's already been spent?


Is there anything more selfish, short-sighted, and greedy than a Neo-Liberal?



So as we watch the Obama-Nation grin, gloat and flash their new plastic at the bar…


I would ask, ... just what the hell do you think comes Next, and Next, and Next?



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