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So we shut down the goverment, now what?

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The GOP played a game of chicken and lost in a horrible way. Obamacare is still stumbling out, the government got shut down, it cost billions and nothing good came from this. Ok so Obama was a jackass and didn't play nice. Well, he didn't have to politically and that is what I said all along. My question is, was it worth it. I am asking you conservatives this. Liberals will run in and say neener neener. You can expect that. I just want to know if you have learned anything from this, or will you deny you really lost and claim that standing on principle is more important than actually moving forward a conservative agenda.


My position is you who supported this tactic to not fund the goverment until Obamacare was defunded, have damaged the conserative cause. That is never a good thing. We shall see if this will affect the mid-term elections.

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