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When to buy anything from europe

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When will I buy anything made in Europe ?

The next time they have a warship that doesn't sink after being shot with an M16, and a missile that does more damage than the M16 and more explosive power than guy's a)ss on a toilet after eating 10 pounds of cheddar. lol

And enough of those warships to actually fight a... well... WAR !

And a tank takes out other tanks, not busses...
and a APC that doesn't look like a bus !

and fighter jets that can actually defend themselves in the modern skies, in modern Airspace.

and soldiers that do pushups infront of the drill sergeant, not sit on the beach and drink coca cola, while hating the USA.





That will be about 600 million years from now, when they catch up to just 150 years behind the USA technologically

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