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Why Whangdoodle Barry Won't Negotiate

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Whangdoodle Barry--not the Republicans--is trapped. Despite repeated offers to end the stalemate, including the most recent yesterday by RINO Susan Collins, the senator from Maine. Osama--I mean, Obama--steadfastly refuses to entertain any type of deal proposed by Republicans.


Obviously, Whangdoodle wants the shutdown to persist for political reasons. To hell with Americans who want to visit Washington, D.C. memorials or national parks. Whangdoodle Barry, it's now apparent, needs the shutdown for his own selfish, political needs.


Barry wants to blame the Republicans for this shutdown from now until next year's midterm election. Whangdoodle's refusal to negotiate, therefore, is a campaign reason.


The frustrating, vexing problem for Whangdoodle Barry, however, is that his precious neo-Marxist schemes for America must be put on hold.


Maybe Republicans like Ted Cruz are waaay smarter than we thought.



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