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Nobody's talking about obama's many scandals, or Syria. Coinci

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We're on the same page with a lot of it. Just one question, since we know Obama isn't really the one in power why are concentrating on removing him instead of going after the real power brokers who control him??? Why go after the puppet instead of the puppet master(s)???

Because we cannot allow the Muslim to skirt our laws and continue making a mockery out of our Constitution. Look, I am no Republican, and certainly not a Democrat, Bush trashed the Constitution with the Patriot Act, which is basically a repeal of the 4th Amendment. obama is continuing in his footsteps, but he is like Bush on steroids.


I think we can start a process of solvency by voting out any incumbent who issues any action that goes against the Constitution. I don't care who they are, or what party they belong to, you trash the Constitution, you need to lose your job!

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