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What Some Say, or Think maybe...

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With being bold, like the bold in character font, some might just write, they write what comes to mind, from stories they've read.

Lucid, it comes out perhaps, from their thick saturation of life, like a practiced art akin to a skillful cellist, where nobody can physically do that with their hands without intense practice. It's an artificially pronounced operation involving the hand and all the muscle in the forearm. Fingers spread apart, a real athletic feat, no matter how brilliant the musical mind.

Brilliant people can do all sorts of wondrous things. They can mime, or mimic, or juggle, or quickly pick up on mathematical structure, or read and sacrifice all their time to display the correct way to write English, or maybe draw or paint, or as they say, be mechanically inclined in such a way to be focused

on the mechanics of how lots of things operate, the car, electronics, what have you...

Inclined, is operative word.

To love words, said as they are spoken around you, to take note. Notes come in handy, but notes are not necessary, nor are they advisable in many circumstances.

Life is not reading a book, you can't just annotate when someones talking, nor can you write computer code without listening and understanding.

What we say, what we think, if ever the two should come together in a cohesive way, is only a start.

Direction is a pragmatic slang, focus is a coefficient for drag, or is it the opposite, where well off the cuff, a Southern twang might be hard for a Northern to understand. Just exactly what are they saying but it all sounds quaint just the same.

If we are lucky enough, we're born with at least one good ear, and some peripheral vision out of at least one eye. I think if one combines this with the ability to store some short term memory that must mean there is the real prospect at least some activity in the frontal lobe, so anything is truly possible, I mean, you never know.

People can act much like apes, they can also act like saints, in both ways they might remember odd formalities like a mothers touch, what good is a friend, and even more so, how to look in the mirror and one day understand the nature of manipulation, I call this learning a new trick... evolution baby.

I want to evolve, some say, or maybe might think.








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