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puton get world recognition for kicking


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You voted for it, so live it.


Your little kenyan fauntleroy is a caricature of a little sambo cartoon. You folks elect liars, actual liars, cheats, scum, and slime to the WH and you expect them to morph into statemen.


You morns still have not figured out all that you're getting played like the jackass donkeys you truly are.


On the war and BO's wanting to lob a few missiles.


WTF is it going to do without troops to take control?


Think about this for a bit. Someone allegedly used gas. Has that stopped either side from fighting? FUUUCK NO! Fighting, murdering, war is a sport to these people. they effing hate you and used your moronic, gay ass liebral views about humanity against you suckers every time.


Since a gas attack has not stopped any fighting then WTF will a few, safe Americanized low yeild bombs do? Seriously what will it do?


Say we hit a depot. How in the eff do we know Syria, Russia, Iran has not loaded some kind of bio, or chemical weapon at the targets?


Your spineless kenyan should have taken action immediately, bombed the fuuck out of whatever, come on TV after it started and gave the reasons. But you morons are morons.


Fuuck if you losers took this much time debating amongst yourselves over your qu33r lives the world would be a better place.

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