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The Alternatives

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Altering the natives to this atmosphere is a very, very dangerous game of wordplay in any tongue selling speculation as facts of life.

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If it's anywhere near as dangerous as you claim, why don't you have the moderators remove it?

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IT seems to be in the odd old dirt bags of yesterdays haters, coming again, to a cable news channel sold in a package by a cable provider. Misshaped are conspiracy pirates, like the forming of any ideology that creates a dampening thud on what's good about conservative, or progressive thought. It dulls liberalism, as well as libertarian virtue. Libertarian is individual virtue, and has nothing to do with good governance or human justice for all.

Simple things that could be done, just don't get done. Difficult things we don't know how to do collectively are tried again and again,

for all the wrong reasons. Coming together which could be done, not completely, but much more than it is, takes bravery, compassion, and most of all earnest collaboration. Conservatism is good, if it prevents foolish experiments not clearly thought out, Liberalism is good, if it uses the tools passed down by many different disciplines, to enlighten and seek progress.

Ah, but what is progress?

Voyager, the IPhone, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Harriet Beecher Stow, Martin Luther King Junior, a free press,

a free voice, secularism, freedom of religion, freedom of fear...

It is many things.



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Imagine, in a drab world, not unlike present day...

yes, just kids, talented, even brilliant, come together at a place like Stanford, but they drop out together, after taking a class on how to garner hard cash from a speculative venture capital group, that spends say, a billion, knowing only that one out of many ideas will statistically pay out huge dividends.

They get 3 million on an idea. Floating cheap light weight satellites with crude low resolution cameras,

built for the most part with parts that can be easily be had just about anywhere.

Their idea is to link the satellites together to make a software driven incredible view of the Earth, a lot of things that go on every day. With software code, they link drab optics, poor resolution camera's,

into perfect pictures. Why, because together these low resolution camera's can see everything on the face of the Earth.

No longer will there be the need to use marketing stats, real numbers can be had, real facts. How many cars are parked in each and every Walmart on any given day. What kind of trucks, whose shipping what...

All kinds of factual things.

Their idea brings people in, NASA professionals, NSA experts with incredible knowledge who can't share any real secrets they know, but they come just to advise, because the idea is really cool.

I give you Skybox... http://www.skyboximaging.com/about-skybox


But we seem to forget, what this means. The joy to work, to go to work with a dream. Like kids play, going out to the strike of a new day, and working till dawn of the next.

We also forget to wonder what new technology mixed with old might bring.

We forget about the social context, about where it might lead, and about inevitability.

It could be thought of in terms of the old story, Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carrol .

Big, small, mathematical sums, coming to light/ possibly fracturing what we might think as reality.

With say Java script, like an overlay, and softbox, used to shield light like an umbrella,

of course I don't know what I'm talking about here - it's truly way way over my feeble head.


But fundamentally, if ever we had close to full employment and productivity was tied to growth in wages from the bottom up, perhaps people just might seek different types of occupations.


In a World, Take Energy, Food, Calories, essential materials for all life... take wind, air pressure,

speed, temperature, pleasure and pain, take focused light or electrons, take what is abundant

and make it useful... Frank Zappa, who was intensely cool, I think understood, there's a lot of stuff

incredibly cool things we humans could be doing, then, there's Suzy, Suzy Cream Cheeze...

Wonderful Wonderful, America is Wonderful, Wonderful... Well let me tell you something people,

go back and listen to Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica Album. It's very, Very, how do you say, it resembles the quixotic days of old in platitudes, far fetching like. Like the lost soul of a Chevy,

a Dodge, or an old Camaro, nor is it built to last like a Ford, but more to the point, it's what's for dinner, brought to you by the Beef Industry... It's marketing buzz, buying something with any cash you might got...

winner take what what, like days of old.



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