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In-Depth Republican Health Care Plan to Replace Obamacare

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Thu Aug 22, 2013 at 09:10 AM PDT

Jim DeMint finally reveals the GOP's plan to replace Obamacare

by Jed Lewison

In a previous life, Jim DeMint was Romneycare's biggest fan.
It's been a long time, and I do mean a long, long, long time, but finally we have a conservative going on record to offer an alternative to Obamacare:

"This might be that last off-ramp to stop Obamacare before it becomes more enmeshed in our culture," he said. "This is not about getting better health care."

DeMint said uninsured Americans "will get better health care just going to the emergency room."

So, the next time you want a checkup, screw health insurance. Just grab your credit card (or perhaps a couple of chickens) and head to your local emergency room, because that's a better way to get health care than doing something crazy like getting a health plan and a regular doctor.

Great plan, Jim. It finally makes sense why Republicans waited nearly four years to propose it.


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