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What's behind the scribbling of the Old Barn?

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Well hey, Old Barn's posted quite a lot, some of it pure nonsensical, but did you ever wonder why (probably not), but just for the heck of it, let's go find out directly from the source.


Hey Old Barn, what's on your mind right now?


Old Barn: I like Blue Moon beer. I'm drinking it now (again)... I'm thinking about how I just spent a lot of money on a Hawaiian vacation cloistered in a tropical location checking my emails from work.


So at least you have a job Old Barn. Why are you a communist?


Old Barn: I'm not a communist. Nor am I communal in any sense. I believe in free enterprise, I get all fuzzy when people get imaginative and create new business ventures like Evocative Design which is using mycelium and agricultural waste to make packing materials and other what not's.


But Old Barn, you are a declared Liberal. So why do you support good for nothing Democrats?


Old Barn: I don't support any party. All I have is a vote. I have a voice as well, but it only works at home if I try real hard, or in my job sometimes. I am lucky to have a job by the way. I was also thinking about my kids 529's and how much could possibly go wrong by the time they are ready for college. (Old Barn pauses while taking a series of swigs from his Blue Moon, then goes down stairs to the fridge and returns with a new one.)

I also worry about my 401K as well as my wife's. We are conservative in the sense that we don't have a fancy house, or drive fancy cars, ( Old Barn is a bit defensive when I ask him about his recent fancy vacation in Hawaii - it was my wife's idea, he says.)

I like to work, but I also know that I could lose my job at any time through no fault of my own. We all know that, anyone who's rational knows this. But what I don't want is to have to depend on someone else in the end.


So Old Barn, you're starting to sound like you don't want to depend on the Government to take care of all your needs...


Old Barn: What, you kidding? No - I never did, except for a decent start in public schools, and the roadways, and good laws that make certain things illegal.

The government can do a lot of good things beyond defense in my opinion. Money spent in research created most of the technology that has created great enterprise. Sewage systems, protecting water supply, understanding Earthquakes, understanding the geology of a Vulcano - you know understanding Kilauea, wow...

I also recognize the government, any government, can and has fostered a lot of bad ideas, so you need informed citizenry. (Old Barn takes a large swig from his Blue Moon, and contemplates...)

A smaller government is code for, feudalism, in my humble opinion.


Oh my gosh, there you've said it, you're some kind of communist, or at the very least a socialist. Is that why you're so Liberal?


Old Barn: Concentric circles. Imagine history repeats itself. Imagine greed overtakes need, imagine centralized power in the wrong hands.... (Old Barn leaves and returns with another brew)

No - I'm not a communist, you can't tell people to do this or that in a pragmatic way that creates innovation. Socialist, everybody is kind of socialistic, even Republicans are, but they'd never admit it.

I wish people would read, Exit, Voice, Loyalty, by Albert Hirschman for introspection about how the world and societies operate. People find themselves stuck in situations in which there is no way out. This happens all the time. People who work on Wall Street aren't bad, people who work hard in business aren't bad - most are the opposite. But even the best are stuck in systems that make no sense. Change, big, big change for the good of all is extremely difficult to enact, not because it's impossible, not because nobody is smart enough to figure out how to do it, but because there are powerful forces operating against such change. There are also a lot of people who would screw everybody if they had half a chance - we know this - see Communist Russia or study what Mao did.


Old Barn, do you think anybody cares what you have to say, I mean really you old codger?


Old Barn: ( Old Barn did not hear the question as he was getting another brew, when he returned I asked him the same question, he took a long pull from his Blue Moon and said, happily nope! but I does it anyways with a smile.)



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