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So.... What Will You Be Doing For Ramadan?

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I am going to the beach, take off my shirt, and make it into a head scarf like

yasser arafat and watch the rednecks and republican shitbirds go crazy.

I'd be sure to kick sand in your face.

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I'll be fasting, but it's allowed to drink ensure and V8.

That's not haram.

I'll be making calls to my friends in Hezbollah...my mission here leaves me homesick. My home city was once called the Paris of the middle east.

The mosque here is beautiful, suprising to find it here in south Florida, a wasteland of rednecks, old geezers and used car salesmen.

All conservatives.

I'll be glad when my tour of duty is over and I can go home to civilization, inshAllah.

Allahu Akbar.

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Did you guys see in the news where a kid in England (Hampshire) was denied water on Thursday, one of the hottest days this year for that area? He was told no by the teacher because it would be disrespectful, supposedly, to the Muslim students fasting in observance of Ramadan.

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