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The press on all sides are lying to us

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Their job is to sell advertising time so they keep us whipped up in controversy after controversy and they're controlled by mega corporations whose job is also to make money.


Politics has turned into a mega million dollar industry where once elected the vast majority of our politicians spend more time filling their war chests with money they get to keep after leaving office than they do serving the very people who elected them.


Their links are the lobbyists who provide those monies from their own special interests who also have media links which of course all sides use to spoon feeding us whatever they want us to think. Naturally we keep fighting each other rather than changing our failing crooked political system. We're unknowingly playing right into their hands.


As long as we keep buying into all side's lies that only serve to divide and conquer us the politicians, lobbyists and special interests will keep stealing our money and we'll keep helping them do it by spreading their messages for them.


It's time to stop being stupid republicans, stupid democrats and stupid tea partiers.


It's time to get back to being smart Americans working together in truth rather than fighting each other over slanderous lies.

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