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Autism Doesn't Exist

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I find it ironic that those that are instinctively intuitive are classified as mentally unstable characters in reality, and those that just follow directives of would could, should, may, might, hypothetically, in theory, moral hyperbole, ethically righteous, intellectually superior, more driven to be successful in selling symbolic values over understanding how to stay balanced within the moment are sane.


What a crazy system of having the inmates run the asylum called humanity. A prison of varying vocabularies operating the same way socially with staged variations to make idiots of educated malcontents stuck within their skin all lifetime long passing through the same atmosphere as everything else does, NOW.

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We should just go back to calling them glue eating retards. Science is not suited or benefited by having a broad spectrum of mental abnormalities and disorders under the same label of autism. :D

that was funny...i have a head ache..(hang over) so it was nice to chuckle...thanks

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