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throwing out babies in bathwater

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Our civilizations were all made possible by rules laid down by religions. Be it christianity buddhism hinduism whatever... These were the basis for law and social norms. Apparently they worked, because we have populated the entire world and live in multi-million habitant cities with relative law and order.


If everyone throws out these established civil controls, is it possible to destroy civilization itself?


Laws of man are often scoffed at because, they were written based on poor logic, shortsightedness, or because you can evade police. That's the point of unquestionable God-given laws. You have to follow those because they are divine an you cannot hide your discretions.


people are born greedy and self-centered. Through some sort of system we must be trained in the ways of civility. Much of this is taught by parents when the child is young. A large gap needs to be filled between the parents knowledge of civility and the law of man.. Mans law does not include things like respect and politeness etc. This training is something that has been developed over thousands of years and written down as truth becomes apparent through observations and possible divine guidance. (call divine what you will.. some call it epiphany, lightbulbs turning on or whatever causes an out of the blue bit of enlightenment.)


Basically, this is one point where I side heavily with conservatives. Without established norms and expectations we could not achieve better than small tribal civilizations..


Throwing out the rules that got us here might be a bad idea.


Scratching everything because you think you can conceive of whats right and wrong in all situations without a basis is probably naïve.



Many of the rules established in religious texts are time tested and probably truths when applied to humans. I'm not saying all texts are truths, because all texts have the opportunity to become corrupted. Some may be ego or power driven and should be reviewed. By reviewed I don't mean thrown out because it doesn't agree with your idea.


Also I believe many anti-religious people should look at all resources of information and determine with an open mind if it makes sense. Many of the writings in the bible do have insight into humans most base motivations. There is lots of situations talked about that you may never encounter in your life, but they are still based on enlightened observations and may be of use to someone else.


This is something ive been thinking on lately and haven't fully developed the idea, but it is based on humans super-human ability create unintended consequences.


Progression without these observations goes along the line of "doomed to repeat history"


Progression with major steps backwards is not actually progression, it's a big waste of time


Throwing out babies with bathwater used to be a good saying, but these days, whose to say?

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who's to say? Hallmark criticism of verbiage at last second.



Generally I agree with you. That 60's bullshit from idiots: "Ya gotta tear it all down to rebuild it, man!" never really struck a chord with people that had family and friends. You know, the rest of society.


Maybe that's a Progressive flaw that is THEIR elephant in the living room. Tippy toes, please.


Food for thought, sir.

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