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The Good thing about NSA storing 'information' for the Patriot

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Though I would rather have our Federal-Centralized Govt. obey the basic freedom amendments, I see a plus for all the intelligence/info the NSA is collecting for us and on us, be that in a foreign capacity or domestic.


After and even during the 2nd American Civil War this data will either be captured or given by a turncoat-whistleblowers and will be revealed for all to see or hear, all those denials & lies will be heard/shown; some will be tried for War crimes against humanity, many will lose citizenship rights and be a serf and serve the Patriots or be exiled to places like Africa or some colony off of very north-eastern Russia.


This captured and damning info not only applies for those inside Amercia who committed such deeds, or allowed such deeds to happen and didn't do a thing about it stateside, but also entails the Foreign community, for example if we find a country like Israel did do 9-11, did snipe US soldiers, did purposely give us false info, lied on USS Liberty, it will mean War and just one Nuke onto Israel will do the job.


Isn't it Ironic on the Info collected by Big Brother will be used against the same Powers they're mostly protecting and enabling? With this digital age no one will escape will a phony ID and cover-story like some Auschwitz guard, it's going to be a beautiful time going through all those troves of information when the Patriots get them and arresting those who directly and indirectly participated. Good times, keep storing the intel.



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